Himmah School

Quality Education for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our challenging curriculum encompasses a great range of both academic (National Curriculum) and Islamic studies.

Education which is at par with the best in the world.

Himmah School was established in 2015. It was formed in response to the high demand from the local community in Carafaad District, Mogadishu. Initially, it was a madrasah which ran from morning to evening. In 2018, the school also offered the Somali National Curriculum and became a fully registered school within the Banaadir region.

Himmah School is an independent, selective and fully registered school in Mogadishu. We strive to offer a holistic education cultivating growth along spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and communal dimensions. Our aim is to positively orient our students towards realising their full potential as exemplary contributors to our society, in actively promoting fundamental Islamic values.